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Amy B. Byer, Esq.

Family and Domestic Law



Amy Byer has been practicing family and domestic law, since realizing her passion for this avenue of the legal field in 2010. Amy grew up in Metro Detroit and received her bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University. Eager to gain professional experiences, Amy moved to New York and entered the corporate realm as a project manager. There she gained an appreciation for attention to detail, having impeccable communication skills, and the importance of having a sense of urgency regarding time-sensitive matters. As Amy perfected these professional skills in herself, she began to take an interest in the field of law.

After moving back to Michigan, Amy and her husband had their first child and she simultaneously began law school at Thomas M. Cooley School of Law. Despite the challenges of raising a young child, Amy graduated law school on time and cum laude. She began her legal profession utilizing her skills from her corporate days back in New York, with her newly acquired legal skills, as a commercial litigator. Throughout this experience, Amy began to identify how to merge her passion and skills in her profession as an attorney. She learned that her strengths are most valuable in the area of family law.

Amy began her career as a family and domestic attorney in 2011. She takes pride in helping children and families when they are transitioning into new dynamics. Amy constantly, proactively educates herself on emerging strategies to ease the challenges family law presents to clients. Amy Byer is also one of the very few family attorneys certified in the collaborative divorce process.

With her sharp attention to detail, clear communication abilities, deep knowledge of the laws, empathy, and ability to put herself in her clients’ shoes, Amy Byer is an expert in the family and domestic law field. Family legal matters are sensitive and challenging for those facing them. She navigates the process with her clients, providing transparency and support every step of the way. Clients who work with Amy feel like someone has their back while they go through these challenges and she is the best resource to have in your corner.

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