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Who we are

Whether you are facing a criminal or family charge or have a pressing legal matter regarding your business, George Law is here to provide you with the strong counsel you need. From our law office in Royal Oak, we represent individuals, families and business owners in the Detroit metropolitan area and throughout Michigan.

We know that a legal problem can affect all aspects of your life, including your family and your employment. We are here to manage your legal issue so you don’t have to deal with the stress and worry. We often represent employees of major corporations in the Detroit area.

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Practice Areas

We provide legal representation in many areas of law anyone could encounter, including:

George Law DUI OWI Law

A DUI or OWI charge can be stressful and derail anything from licensure to employment. We are absolute experts in this field, and approach these charges with a 360 degree perspective. Everything matters when it comes to a DUI/OWI charge. The court, the circumstances the surrounding the stop, what you did that day and your criminal history (if any), all have to be delicately balanced. You can rely on us to get the absolute best results possible.

George Law Criminal Law

From white collar crime to DUI/OWI, sexual assault and domestic violence, strong criminal defense is your best approach to protecting your freedom and rights. We offer top-quality knowledge and experience to combat allegations, accusations and charges of criminal offenses.  Additionally, if you have been convicted, you may be eligible for an appeal, reduction of charges and penalties, or expungement.

George Law Business Law

Bankruptcy, contracts, performance issues, real estate transactions, business formation, acquisitions, and commercial issues require review and creation by a trusted attorney for best results. We are experienced with all aspects of business operations and general corporate law matters, including representation of banks, REITs, brokerage firms and other large business entities.

George Law Family Law

We help clients resolve complex family matters, including divorce, separation, child custody and support, spousal support, rights, property division, and agreements/modifications of support and custody orders. We understand the emotional toll involved with family disputes and work diligently to obtain the best outcome.


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