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Yasmine Poles, George Law
Yasmine Isshak Poles

Criminal Defense & Business Law

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Yasmine comes to George Law with invaluable knowledge of the Michigan criminal justice system.  For the past twelve years Yasmine held a position with the Macomb County Prosecutor’s office as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney and she has extensive experience with every component of a criminal charge.


Yasmine has worked alongside detectives, directing criminal investigations from evidence collection, to interviewing witnesses, and she has successfully tried countless misdemeanor and felony cases. Yasmine’s docket has included homicide, criminal sexual conduct, armed robbery, major drug offenses, assaultive crimes and white collar/financial crimes. She has a profound understanding of criminal statutes and sentencing guidelines, which allows her to see a potential defendant’s case through different perspectives. Yasmine’s creative problem-solving skills, transparent and direct communication with clients, and success as a past Prosecutor have contributed to making her a well-known presence in the courtroom.


Put Yasmine up against any opposing counsel at any stage of a criminal proceeding and she will make the opposition look like an amateur. There is no better defense attorney a client could possibly have in his or her corner.


Before becoming an Assistant Prosecutor, Yasmine graduated from the University of Michigan with high distinction and then went on to graduate from Wayne State University School of Law. She is multilingual in Arabic and Chaldean and belongs to a slew of professional associations throughout metro Detroit. Yasmine has also found success as in-house counsel for a mortgage and title corporation advising on policy issues, negotiating on behalf of the business, and conducting discovery and in-house investigations.


Yasmine Poles has cultivated her business and criminal law experiences to now serve on the defense side of criminal law and her talent in this profession makes her an absolute asset to her clients!

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