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Derrick was amazing! I highly recommend him as your lawyer. If your looking for a lawyer that will get you the absolute best possible out come. Derrick is your guy! Better yet, he's the "go to guy" In your situation, you probably feel speechless, lost, or even just wondering how your going to get through this like I was. One stupid decision and now your screwed. I had everything finally going good and went out to have a drink to celebrate. Got caught driving home and everything I had earned could have went away. Derrick got me the best possible outcome in my case and I can continue everything I have earned. He saved me from a one night mistake. Even if you might have a problem where you need help other than a lawyer, Derrick will get you the help you need while he takes care of you. I loved how he went above and beyond for me and was there every step of the way for me. Supported me through it all and picked me up when I was at my lowest of low. Not only is Derrick a great lawyer, he's a great guy in general. No matter how little or big your case is, Derrick will take it on and give you everything he has. Very professional. You won't regret picking Derrick as your lawyer. He offers many areas in which he can help you other than DUI if needed.


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