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Family Law

Many people in the Metro-Detroit area, need professional legal advice and representation to resolve stressful Family Law issues. Attorneys and Counselors at George Law, in Birmingham, MI, are ready to provide the strong legal support needed to deal with problems that affect your relationships and precious loved ones.

George Law

A good portion of the legal work performed at George Law involves relationship issues. We fully know that the emotional toll of family disputes can be extreme, and we work diligently with all parties to achieve beneficial results.

Family Legal Services

We provide complete legal advice, counsel and representation, including mediation and litigation, for a broad range of issues that are regulated by Michigan Family Law.

  • Divorce & Separation - When reconciliation is not desired, relationships can be legally terminated, with appropriate terms for protection of assets and maintenance.
  • Child Custody & Support - Minor children are a top priority for our law firm and the courts. Custody and support disputes must be settled to provide adequate care and education for minor children. Occasionally, these agreements may be altered for many reasons, including financial support needs, relocation and remarriages.
  • Relocation - Relocation of one partner may also require relocation of minor children. In that situation, custody and support issues may also need renegotiation.
  • Spousal Support - Financial agreements generally should allow adequate and fair living conditions for the former spouse. As earning ability changes over time, support amounts may also need to be altered.
  • Rights - Parents and grandparents sometimes must resort to the legal system to ensure that they are allowed visitation and accessibility to minor children after a divorce.
  • Property Division - Equitable disposition of marital property is often an area of fierce contention. We work with all parties through negotiation or litigation to ensure fairness prevails.
  • Domestic Abuse - Protection of ex-spouses and minor children are the goal when domestic abuse is even a potential problem. Enforcement may require court intervention as well.
  • Pre-Marital & Post-Divorce Agreements/Modifications - Many couples want to adjust prior agreements at a later date; this is possible and often desirable.
  • Adoption - Adding a new child to the family is an important and life-changing step that needs to meet all applicable legal rules.

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