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Criminal Defense

If you were charged with a felony or misdemeanor, it is crucial to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney who will aggressively protect your rights, fight for your freedom and pursue the best outcome possible. Birmingham Attorney Derrick E. George represents clients charged with a wide array of criminal offenses, including DUI/OWI, domestic violence and sexual assaults.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence or aggravated domestic violence occurs between spouses or former spouses, past and present dating partners, individuals with a child in common, and present and former household residents. Domestic violence situations often start with a simple disagreement between the parties. When the situation escalates to physical violence – when a party allegedly assaults or batters the other individual – domestic violence may have occurred.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault may include any type of unpermitted sexual contact. This may range from simple touching to penetration and more. The consequences for a conviction of sexual assault or misconduct often result in a lengthy prison sentence and mandatory lifetime sexual offender registration. It is absolutely essential to retain the representation of highly skilled and effective sexual assault attorney to pursue the most favorable outcome possible.

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