Most Dedicated Lawyer I've Ever Met

I was in a very complicated situation. I called many lawyers and was not getting the answer I was looking for. Everyone told me I would have to live with my charges until I met with Mr.George. He was with me every step of the way and answered every question and complaint thoroughly. He was the only lawyer who said that he would be able to lessen my charge and was able to follow through with what he said. Mr.George is an overall very friendly lawyer who gives great advice and worth hiring!

- Client

Compassionate and Caring, Knowledgeable and Experienced

I can't say enough of how at ease I felt with Mr. George. He is a caring, compassionate attorney who truly desires to help his clients. His knowledge and experience made me feel very secure with my situation. He gave me sound advice and I highly recommend him for family law services

- Sherrie

I wouldn't go with anyone else

I retained mr. George. I did something stupid and didn't know how to get myself out of this mess and the charges it resulted in. Mr. George guided me through the steps of what needed to be done and without laying that ground work I would not have ended up with such a detailed plan of action. I appreciate his knowledge and expertise.

- Kyle

Embezzlement Charge Dismissed!

I was charged for embezzlement because of a mistake I made. I was stressed out and panicking constantly because I had no idea how to handle this or what would happen. When I retained Mr. George, he knew exactly what to do and he kept me informed of everything he was doing. He worked with detectives and prosecutors to literally GET MY CHARGES DISMISSED. A better result than I ever would have thought possible. This attorney is a top-notch fighter for his clients. I am beyond grateful for what he worked so hard to do for me.

- Whitney

Great lawyer! Great staff! Awesome office!

I consulted Derrick George Pretty much the best lawyer in town really sweet office, kind stuff. Derrick George is a fantastic attorney, feels like I'm just chatting with one of the guys. Not to mention he can make any problem disappear! Great dude! Cool office! Awesome staff! 10/10 would recommend!

- Nikki

Best lawyer hands down!

I hired Derrick George for a legal consultation. Derrick made me feel very confident. One thing that I love about him is that he's a fighter. He will fight for his client and I put all of my trust into Attorney Derrick George. He is very progressional and he tells you like it is. I didn't want another attorney who would only tell me what I wanted to hear. He is the real deal. He's extremely smart with the law and will put anyone to the test. The best thing I ever did was hire Derrick George.

- Matthew

Best Lawyer Hands Down!!

Best lawyer I have ever come across and his communication skill are definitely without a doubt unmatched. He worked very hard on my case looking at all the options possible instead of just trying to take he easy way out and cop out. Prices are great and if you are in the market for a lawyer he is definitely the man to get the job done.

- Omar Tariq

Best of the best

If you've gotten into trouble this is the man you want on your side. The moment I walked out of our consultation I felt the biggest weight lifted off of my shoulders. He said he could keep my charge off my record and he followed through with that promise.

- Katie

Excellent Attorney Highly Recommended!

Derrick was excellent and did a amazing job in my case. Derrick went adobe and beyond any attorney I have ever had. Im grateful as he saved me from getting charged for a crime I did not commit! Thank you!

- Deondre

Professional, Knowledgeable, Reliable, and Relatable! Highly Recommend!

Mr. George represented me for a traffic case where I was speeding 25MPH over the posted speed limit on my way to Michigan State University. Mr. George was extremely diligent and was in constant contact with both me and the court and Prosecutor. This ensured me that he was on top of my case, which made me feel secure in my choice of him as my attorney. He quickly resolved my issue not only with efficiency, but also with kindness. His down to earth personality was wonderful and made my experience much easier than if I hired another attorney. I would contact Mr. George again in the future for representation if I was ever in any type of legal issue as his knowledge of the law is vast from his many years of experience. I highly recommend Mr. George and would recommend him to all my family and friends.

- Madeline

Great work

I had a case where my brother and I were unfairly charged for assault. I had the good sense to hire an attorney that I'd heard was well-versed in the Novi courts and had a lot of experience with the judges there and it was completely the right decision. Derrick was able to get the case dropped in such a short amount of time that everything was resolved at what seemed like lightning speed. He got a great result and knew exactly what to do. I'm hoping I don't need a lawyer again but if I do, he's my go-to from now on.

- Jordan

Would definitely recommend!

I was in a legally binding lease and I felt stuck in a living situation that made me uncomfortable and my landlord gave me no options to get out of it. I went To Derrick George to see what course of action I could take and after he combed through my lease in detail he was able to identify multiple loopholes that made it very easy for me to get out of it. I am so happy and relieved he could help me. He clearly knows what to look for within contracts and agreements that seem binding at first but may give options when it's really closely looked at! He truly Has a talent for that.

- Skye

Hire the Best..

I had a DUI situation that was a little different because I don't live in Michigan but got pulled over in this state. Troy to be exact, which I've heard is extremely strict and punitive about DUIs. I was nervous about what I was looking at as a worst-case scenario. I couldn't afford to be detained in Michigan for any reason because I couldn't lose my job out of state. Derrick had so much experience in this field and especially in the city of Troy. He was able to find a lesser known solution and instead of just being the attorney that shows up and gets whatever punishment is dealt to his client, he worked with the prosecutor and really vouched for me to get a result that was better than what I was hoping for. I'm so glad I found Attorney Derrick George and that he went to work for me. Even though the route he took was the longer and harder one, he knew it would get me the best result and didn't hesitate for a second to go to bat for me!

- Sam

Traffic Incident

I was in a traffic accident this past summer and I was so worried my points were going to impact my insurance policy. From the consultation and everything after, Derrick was on top of everything, easing all my nerves. He let me know exactly what he needed from me and then took care of everything. He was extremely professional yet so personable at the same time. On the day of the hearing, I had no doubt that I would walk away with a good outcome (and I did).

- Noor

Hire the best!

Attorney Derrick George handled a complex OWI for my son with a hit and run traffic accident. We were pleased with the outcome and would hire him again!

- Ray Hunger

Hire the best DUI Lawyer!

I had a very complicated high BAC DUI/OWI case in 52-4 District Court in Troy. Because I don't technically live in this country, but I work in it for Chrysler Mr. George had absolute knowledge of how to proceed with my case and had a plan put together after the first time we met. Aside from that his response time was lightning fast and he spent hours on the phone with me to fully understand the situation and help alleviate my worries. As soon as I talked to him about my legal issue I felt at ease and that feeling remained until my case was resolved and I couldn't have asked for a better outcome.

- anonymous


Besided helping me with my dui, derrick has been very helpful regarding business.
I thought my life was over and the guy saved me.

- Jeff

Best Michigan DUI Lawyer

Simply the best DUI lawyer in Michigan. As a concerned parent getting a late night call from the police saying that your son was just pulled over on his second offense. Attorney Derrick George got the case dismissed on a motion for lack of probable cause by the police. Most intelligent, intense, outside the box legal mind. Attorney Derrick George's business and negotiating acumen and logical reasoning skills shot down a second DUI charge on my son's record shot down on motion for Summary Disposition. Mr. George is the "Go to Guy" as it says on a Legal News story from a previous edition sitting on the floor near his filing cabinet, stacks of legal books and research. Thank you for helping my son and our entire family! You saved us like no other attorney could.

- Dean

DUI Attorney

Exceptional representation at a very reasonable expense with results that exceed expectations. Derrick is extremely efficient, intelligent and compassionate. He will work with you and fight for you. The entire staff is competent and accomplished. You won't find a better attorney anywhere.

- Bob


It was hard to explain the situation I was in but had a most bizarre days before I got a lawyer like derrick backing me with my case gave me so confidence with helping overcome the problem which I shouldn't be involved or never will I and the way he tries to solve the issue with regards from all corners which might affect you, not promoting to get into trouble but if you are he should get you out of it with his experience and correlating other cases with yours to try to make the best outcome.

- Teja

Can't say enough!

I COULD NOT HAVE EXPECTED A BETTER OUTCOME! No jail and only paid a fine! I was facing serious Jail time for a DUI, Marijuana Drug Charges and a Criminal Domestic Violence Offense. and Derrick was quick, honest, direct, and professional. I felt like Derrick analyzed all the different angles to my case and treated my personal issue as if it was his own. Derrick worked extremely well with the Prosecutor and the Judge! Derrick catered meeting arrangements solely to my availability with my tough work schedule. He was extremely thorough, detail oriented, and concise with my case, also very understanding and honest with my case, also very understanding and honest with myself. Exemplary courtroom tactics, negotiation and a hard nose is what I had defending me, and I really can't say enough. I will always recommend Derrick as a first choice in the future!

- Joshua

Derrick the man!

Always on time. Very professional, derrick is an expert in dui type cases! I would definitely recommend him!

- Deljuan

DUI WIZARD. Made it disappear

When you're worried about the right attorney to trust with your future, this is the guy you want going up to bat for you. Derrick, commanding a powerful personality, is a pleasure to interact with and his knowledge and experience of criminal defense, carries in to an air of confidence in the court room. Throughout our dealings, his transparency, attitude and attention to detail provided confidence that the individual in control of my future genuinely had my best interests in mind.

- Alex

Royal Oak Drug Charge Felony...REDUCED!

Derrick was completely frank and honest with the situation. He had a plan and specific steps that needed to be taken for this case. There were several mitigating circumstances that had to be addressed in order for the best possible outcome. What really impressed me was his passion and compassion for his clients situation. Another key factor was his relationships with the court personnel.(prosecutor, judge and staff). His credibility is very important and he won't risk unjustified asks of the court. His client has work to do on them self and the court recognized that was the case. No telling what could have happened here, but, his client received the best possible decision.....with the opportunity to move forward in life.

- A client

Rev. Dr. Rothell Jamerson

After talking with Mr. Derrick George twice over the telephone I went to his office to see him an hired and paid him the very same day. Mr. George was very professional he was very well versed with the laws for my case. He also had my wife and I laughing so much to get our minds off of what was ahead of us when we went to my court date. We were very HAPPY and PLEASED with the out come of my case between Mr. George and the Prosecutor and myself ALL of the charges against me were dismissed. Afterwards my wife and I asked Mr. George for some of his business cards and he gave us some of them so that we could recommend others to him. We would and have already highly recommended Mr. George in his speciality to represent them in any court case they may have. Im glad that we got referred to such a professional and wonderful person like Mr. George. God Bless You.

- Rothell

Outstanding Attorney Experience

Attorney George helped me through the process of my court date at the 50th District Court in Pontiac, MI where I was accused of doing something bad to a police officer where I got charged for Obstructing and Resisting Arrest. I could have faced allot of Penalties and Jail time facing Felony Charges and jail time on my record. As a young entrepreneur being locked up and having charges on my record would not suit well with my career as a licensed electrician. All of that could have been taken away, but Attorney George took the case head on. I appreciate Derrick for taking my case and doing what he did for me, he called me every single day to make sure he had the case understood, I never met an attorney like this before who called to make sure I was okay about our judgment going into the court room the following week. Once we entered the court room I left out a free man, no jail time, no probation, all I had to do is pay minimal court costs and now I am still able to be around my loving wife and family. Thank you Attorney George, you are the real MVP!

- Mr. Lenoir

Great DUI Lawyer!

Derrick was amazing! I highly recommend him as your lawyer. If your looking for a lawyer that will get you the absolute best possible out come. Derrick is your guy! Better yet, he's the "go to guy" In your situation, you probably feel speechless, lost, or even just wondering how your going to get through this like I was. One stupid decision and now your screwed. I had everything finally going good and went out to have a drink to celebrate. Got caught driving home and everything I had earned could have went away. Derrick got me the best possible outcome in my case and I can continue everything I have earned. He saved me from a one night mistake. Even if you might have a problem where you need help other than a lawyer, Derrick will get you the help you need while he takes care of you. I loved how he went above and beyond for me and was there every step of the way for me. Supported me through it all and picked me up when I was at my lowest of low. Not only is Derrick a great lawyer, he's a great guy in general. No matter how little or big your case is, Derrick will take it on and give you everything he has. Very professional. You won't regret picking Derrick as your lawyer. He offers many areas in which he can help you other than DUI if needed.

- Mike

Got Me My Money!

I tried 3 other attorney before Attorney George, and Attorney George was the only one that could got me my money! Not only that, he got the entire collection done within less than one week. Saw Attorney George on Friday and the construction settlement agreement against the General Contractor for its failure to complete the work was complete and executed the following Wednesday. Attorney George is highly recommended and I will be introducing him to other family and friends who have legal issues. Excellent Attorney! thank you Derrick George law firm!

- Nancy

Honest, knowledgeable and kind

Child custody disputes are emotionally and financially draining. The average person has no idea of what to expect during this trying process. I am that person. Derrick was honest, knowledgeable and kind. He truly listened to my never ending list of concerns and addressed them with kindness. He fights the good fight. He provides hope in what seems to be a hopeless situation. He is honest and direct, even if it isn't necessarily what you want to hear. He will provide you with his professional expertise and guide you through the process step by step. During the most difficult time in my life, I felt that I had not just an attorney but an ally fighting for my case.

- Candice

Excellent Attorney

Attorney George's analytical ability and years of experience enable him to provide thoughtful, thorough, and, most importantly, practical legal advice regarding a wide variety of civil and criminal legal issues. He listens carefully to client questions and comments and he responds quickly and clearly with analysis and advice aimed directly at the issue. I have worked with Attorney George for almost 10 years and have never been disappointed in any aspect of his work.

- Steve


He was on point and amazing with how quickly and effectively he understood my situation. He then handled the opposing counsel so well that the process was far more helpful to me than I could have imagined.

- Gershon

Attorney Experience

Mr. George went above and beyond with my legal matter and used his past experience and his resources both in law and as a business owner to determine the best course of action for me. I immediately knew that he was not a person who was going to ask for just basic information and pre-judge my situation to come up with a loose plan of action. He does a lot of research to fully understand the complexity of a case and he pokes holes in his initial plans to make sure they are air tight before moving forward. If he represents you, it's because he believes in you but he also sets very realistic expectations for the outcome. He will not over promise something he cannot accomplish, which I feel made him dependable, credible and not a crook like a lot of the attorneys out there.

- A client