When you need the services of a Detroit Business Law Attorney, head over to the Birmingham, MI, Law Offices of Derrick E. George, P.C. Our law firm provides complete Business Law legal services for businesses, including large corporate entities. Detroit Attorney Derrick E. George has worked for owners and managers of all types of businesses, from sole proprietorships and partnerships to global corporate operations.

Law Offices of Derrick E. George, P.C.

For over 9 years, the Law Offices of Derrick E. George, P.C., has provided legal services to individuals and business owners who needed help with a broad ranges of business matters. Our law firm has been successful at resolving complex legal challenges and helping our clients to set and reach their goals for growth and profitability. Many business owners need help with creating start-up businesses and expansions of existing businesses, as well as creating beneficial financial agreements and enforceable contracts. We counsel clients about special matters, such as developing employee handbooks and resolving internal human resources issues, and we provide them with strong litigation support when matters move into the courtroom.

Detroit Business Law Attorney Legal Services

Running a successful large business operation requires compliance with applicable local, state and federal regulations. Even start-up company owners benefit from obtaining advice and legal representation from attorneys & counselors who understand the broad details of laws that apply to business operations.

In addition to requirements that are needed to get your business up and running, there are special areas of business law that may affect your company later on, especially if you are interested in growing that business or merging with another company. We provide complete legal services for business structure and formation, including matters that apply to your relationships with employees, sub-contractors and other business entities.

Two important areas of law practice that we help many clients with include:

  • Bankruptcy – This legal option is used in some cases to save a business operation. In addition to providing relief from creditors, Bankruptcy can allow you to renegotiate with creditors, settle outstanding debts and also get a fresh start.
  • Contracts – Contracts are the foundation of many business operations. We help clients create and enforce contracts, and to use them for beneficial growth and expansion moves. Mergers, acquisitions, performance, employee and financial issues can all involve various types of contracts to enhance business operations. We review existing contracts and agreements in addition to helping clients develop new business strategies that utilize contracts for best results.

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