The strong legal counsel you need to fight for your rights is available at the Law Offices of Derrick E. George, P.C., in Birmingham, MI. Hundreds of business owners and individuals from across Oakland County, Wayne County and Detroit, MI, have benefited from working with our attorneys and counselors.

Detroit Attorney Business & Personal Legal Services

We understand how intense the impact of legal matters can be and how those matters can affect your business and personal life. Getting individualized solutions based on our extensive knowledge and experience in these areas of law practice can help you manage legal challenges and again move forward.

Areas of Law Practice:

  • Criminal Defense – From white collar crime to DUI/OWI, sexual assault and domestic violence, strong criminal defense is your best approach for protecting your freedom and rights. We offer top-quality knowledge and experience to combat allegations, accusations and charges of criminal offenses. If you have been convicted, you may be eligible for an appeal, reduction of charges and penalties, or expungement.
  • Business Law – Bankruptcy, contracts, performance issues, real estate transactions, structure & formation, mergers & acquisitions, and financial issues usually require review and creation by a trusted attorney for best results. We are experienced with all aspects of business operations and general corporate law matters, including representation of banks, REITS, brokerage firms and other large business entities.
  • Family Law – A good portion of our work is in this area of law practice. We help clients resolve complex family matters, including Divorce, Separation, Child Custody & Support, Spousal Support, Rights, Property Division, and agreements/modifications. We understand the emotional toll involved with family disputes and work diligently to obtain the best outcome.

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